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 Lewis Leap was created to honour the life and spirit of our son Lewis Johnson.   Lewis was one of the kindest, most generous and happy kids we knew, but of course we are biased.   He loved life and his big smile lit up every room he walked into.   His passions were sport and his friends and family.   He was hugely competitive at everything he did but also believed in fair play and looking after others.

Tragically Lewis was only 13 years old when he died suddenly whilst on a family holiday.   The impact of this on our family & friends was overwhelming and we struggled to process what had happened and why it had happened to us.   We knew we couldn’t cope with the trauma on our own, so we tried to reach out for help.   But we found to our disbelief that the majority of support is not available for the first 6 months following a tragedy as “you must process the grief first before we can help you”.   Over and over, we heard the same story, but all we wanted was help to get through the next minute, second or hour, six months seemed like a lifetime away.

Fortunately, a family friend stepped in and sourced an incredible counsellor, who travelled from Dundee to see us within the week.   We were so incredibly lucky to have access to his help and support, but it also brought home to us how difficult it is to access the best support at the time it’s needed.


Which is why our vision for Lewis Leap is to offer early support to local families who have suddenly & traumatically lost a parent, child or sibling.

This will come to life as a partnership with Cruse Scotland to expand their existing service to include support for family members, collectively and individually, in the early stages of grief.

Cruse Scotland will look at the most current research and importantly interview those with lived experience to develop a new service that hears the stories and voices of those affected to understand how best to support their grief needs.   

This service will be named after Lewis Johnson, who inspired and supported those around him.

Our plan is that this service will be available later this year or early next year.

We need this time to ensure the correct and best research is completed to make certain the new service delivers for bereaved families after traumatic loss.

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Soon after Lewis passed away, a dear family friend wrote a poem for us, the final line of which gave us the name for our charity.   Such beautiful words capturing who Lewis was and what he believed in. 


Lewis, you lighten each day.

Who is there can say

you didn't bring rays of sunshine

into their heart?

You shot into this world,

a dart of love.

Your golden colour entranced everyone

from the very beginning.

How apt it stayed your favourite.

You knotted a yellow ribbon round our hearts

which can never unravel.

Your family fell in love at first glance

but soon you shafted each one you met

with delight and brightness.

You were good to be with.

Your energy knew no bounds.

You were fearless.

You went the second mile

in care and cheerfulness.

You corrected wrongs where you detected them, 

fought for the underdog

and were known for being honest and fair.

You were full of pranks and mischief

but your cheeky smile managed to get you out of scrapes

and win forgiveness.

And what a sportsman!

you tackled every game under the sun

with skills and accomplishment.

You were the envy of us all.

Lewis, you have challenged us

to live the game of life full on,

to strive hard but not forget the other,

to keep the team in mind, to honour fair play.

We'll really try to do our best

...keep trying

but then we'll add that vital extra push,

THE Lewis Leap

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