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Working together to develop support for bereaved families after a traumatic loss.

In the aftermath of a traumatic loss, lives of the bereaved are irreversibly changed. Some emotional states include shock, disbelief, isolation and utter turmoil. Cruse Scotland will work in partnership with Lewis Leap to expand their existing service to include support for family members, collectively and individually, in the early stages of their grief.
Cruse Scotland will look at the most current research and importantly, interview those with lived experience to develop a service that hears the stories and voices of those affected, to best support their grief needs. 
This service will be named after Lewis Johnson, who inspired and supported those around him.

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In Partnership With Cruse Scotland

Full range of services available for adults, children and young people with Cruse can be found here

For advice about support available in the early stages following a bereavement click here 

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